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WarriorElvesBoosterkit1Logo01Warrior elves, clad in armor, wrapped in mystery, fierce and deadly on any battlefield. Thousands of years battling evil hordes has honed their skills beyond that of any mortal man. This character booster focuses on warrior elves, be it foot soldiers or experienced commanders on elven warrior steeds. The first of many Elven character token kits to be made.

This character booster kit contains 3 scale sets: Fullsize, Halfsize and Quartersize. Each set contains 23 character tokens, 1 animal/horse token, 1 item/helmet token. This booster can be used with any of the previously made art kits, or by itself.

Preview showing some of the tokens found in this booster kit, seen here in Halfsize scale:

The full set of tokens found in this booster kit, seen here at Quarterscale size:

haflingmaleroguekit1logo01The first of many specific Character addon kits/boosters, the Halfling Male Rogue Character kit 1, features as the description says, a male halfling rogue, in 3 clothes color variations. Each set contains 7 stances/posés and comes with additional 5 items/objects, seen in the previews below. (One stance not visible in the previews, similar to the neutral stance)



This Character addon kit/booster contains 21 female spell casters of various races and looks, this kit is meant to supplement existing art kits.