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This “Roguelike” art kit 3 contains a selection of floors, walls, shadows, overlay effect tiles, doors and stairs, as png-files with transparency. Unlike the regular GMC fantasy art kits and addons, these new types of art kits in the Roguelike series feature a sideway view of the various images, 2.5D is what I call this type of view. The images in this art kit can be used to create rooms, dungeons, mazes and more. This art kit do not contain any items, objects, player tiles, creature- or monster tiles.

This purchase contains:
-5 door tiles
-53 floor tiles
-74 overlay tiles
-16 shadow tiles
-12 stair tiles
-152 wall tiles

This purchase is for a digital download of several images, approximate size is 7.5 Mb in a zipped file.

You will find preview images of the content of this art kit here, what you see are tiny maps created by dragging and dropping the various tiles and overlays onto each other. For added effects you can further adapt and enhance the tiles yourself with a little bit of skill, in any painting software that handles png-files with transparency: