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This addon art kit is the first of many to be created for use with the base Fantasy art kit, or as a stand alone art kit. Stand alone means that you are not required to own any other art kits to use the artwork within this kit.

Everything is made to scale, in order to be easily used together with other art kits created under the GMC – Fantasy art kit brand. This kit is themed towards enabling Inns and taverns, with dirt cellars, stables, kitchens, stages, bar counters and much more, then add character tokens and items ontop of the maps you make. Your fantasy and of course the artwork found within is the limit.

Seen above is a selection of character tokens, found in this art kit.

Above is a small selection of items and objects found in this art kit.

Above is a small selection of tiles that are found in this art kit. Seen here is the wood/stone wall combo. Please note that walls are made up of inner and outer walls that are placed together for increased structure detailing. Also seen in this preview are a halfway closed door and a window with shutters that are halfway closed.

List of contents:

Tavern characters:
Dwarf male drinking x 1
Dwarf male sitting x 2
warf male sleeping x 1
Elf male dancing x 1
Elf male playing instrument x 2
Halfling female playing instrument x 1
Halfling male dancing x 1
Halfling male drunk x 1
Halfling male sitting x 1
Halfling male sleeping x 1
Human female barbarian standing x 1
Human female barmaiden x 1
Human female dancing x 2
Human female innkeeper x 1
Human female sitting x 1
Human male barbarian standing x 1
Human male drunk x 2
Human male innkeeper x 1
Human male merchant x 1
Human male sitting x 1
Human wizard sitting x 1
Human wizard standing x 1

Tavern items:

Animal sleeping spot x 2
Barrel tap x 2
Bones x 10
Bottles x 7
Broken bottles x 2
Broken tankards x 2
Candles x 2
Playing cards x 9
Coins and purses x 5
Cooking pot x 2
Tankard/cup x 4
Playing dice x 6
Meat x 3
Drinking horn x5
Food items x 20
Handaxe x 1
Hanging clothes x 3
Instruments x 3
Key x 5
Knife x 3
Wallhanger x 1
Moneypile x 1
Parchments x 3
Pipe x 2
Pitch fork x 2
Plate x 4
Weapons stuck in objects x 5
Utensils x3
Wooden log x 4

[ut_one_third_last effect=”fadeIn”]Tavern inventory objects:

Bed of hay x 4
Hatch and ladder x 2
Barrel holder x 3
Broken barrel x 1
Bed x 3
Bottle crates x 6
Broom x 2
Chairs x 3
Crate x 4
Shield on wall x 1
Fireplace, corner x 1
Fireplace, wall x 1
Wallhanger with tankard/cup x 1
Kitchen bench x 1
Kitchen chop block x 3
Kitchen stone fireplace x 3
Ladder x 2
Lantern x 3
Bench x 2
Chest x 2
Wooden table x 3
Message board x 1
Metal hanger x 1
Crate, open x 2
Painting on wall x 2
Barrel x 6
Signpost x 7
Tapestry x 3
Trophy on wall x 3
Trap door in floor x 2
Water tray x 2
Wooden shelf x 4


Tavern creatures:

Bird x 2
Boar x 1
Cat x 1
Dead rat x 1
Sleeping dog x 1
Mouse x 1
Rat x 1
Imp x 2

Tavern overlays:

Shadows x 18
Light dirt patch x 5
Dirt on floor x 4
Lamp shine circle x 3
Hay patch on floor x 4
Liquid spill x 3
Smoke overlay x 3
Moonlight shine through opening x 4
Daylight shine through opening x 4
Sunshine through opening x 4
Premade rooms, room parts x 9
Terrains, various dirt colors x 4
Dirt road tiles x 18
Green grass patch x 4
Wooden floor, various variations x 12

[ut_one_third_last effect=”fadeIn”]
Tavern tilesets:

Cellar stone wall tileset – 58 images
Cellar wooden wall tileset – 33 images
Roof tileset, various colors – 36 images
Bar counter tileset – 16 images
Outer wall stone/wood tileset – 47 images
Tavern doors – 12 images
Wooden stage tileset – 8 images
Stairs – 8 images
Stone inner wall tileset – 34 images
Stone outer wall tileset – 47 images
Windows – 18 images
Wooden inner wall tileset – 45 images
Wooden outer wall tileset – 47 images