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Updates coming this Sunday, new download links will be sent out.

Aiming to update and release new versions of a few of the existing art kits within this Sunday, the major correction and additional art has been pumped into the Castles & siege engines addon. The Tavern addon has had a few of it’s errors corrected also. The Minimap addon has some parchment outer edge bled errors which I’ll take care of, the Wizards addon has some scaling issues and I’ve spotted one of the tokens that has a solid white background instead of transparency.

When ready, those who’ve either purchased the various kits in mention or received them through the kickstarter rewards will receive a set of new download links, stating what the download is for and what you have to do(which is simply replacing the old download with the new content).

When that’s done, I’m off to a few days out of the city as it’s time for the 2015 Easter vacation here in Norway 🙂

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