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  • Dungeon haste kit 2 – Limestone & Marble

    This is an art kit which both allows you to throw together dungeon maps pretty fast, using the Quick-tiles tiles which have floors, wall and objects merged into one file; and it allows you to created detailed maps using the separate files with or without the Quick-tiles. There is also a folder with Flex-tiles, allowing you to create corridors and rooms in almost any angle and shape you desire.
    Halfsize and Quartersize means these tiles are in scale with the images in the same scale found in the other art kits. This art kit does not contain Fullsize images, this art kit does not contain any character/creature/monster tokens. The artwork in this kit is new, does not contain artwork found in any of the other art kits.

    This kit is compatible with mainly GMC Fantasy art kits, but can also be used with GMC Sci-fi art kits, regarding scale.

    This purchase is for a digital download of several images, approximate size is 204 Mb in a zipped file.

    Click here to read the full terms of use, subject to change without notice.

    Please read the full description below.

    $ 6,99