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  • Campaign Map – Ruin on cliff

    This map pack contains maps only, provided with and without a square grid. The main map shows a ruin building on top of a cliff, at the edge.  To the north of the center pillar inside the ruin is a hidden hatch in the floor, which leads to the cellar level below. The cellar level is provided with and without object props.

    This kit is compatible with mainly GMC Fantasy art kits, but can also be used with GMC Sci-fi art kits, regarding scale.

    -6 map images, seen without grids in preview images.

    This purchase is for a digital download of 6 map .jpg images, approximate size is 16 Mb in a zipped file.

    Map packs are excluded from use under the Developer license, unless otherwise stated.

    Click here to read the full terms of use, subject to change without notice.

    $ 2,49