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  • Halfling male Rogue character 1

    This addon art kit contains several tokens for a Male Halfling Rogue character, along with a few select items to supplement the character. The character is represented by several stances/posés. All files provided in 3 scaled size: Fullsize, Halfsize and Quartersize.

    This kit is compatible with mainly GMC Fantasy art kits, but can also be used with GMC Sci-fi art kits, regarding scale.

    -Character stances/posés: Resting, Sleeping, Dead 1, Dead 2, Neutral standing, Sitting resting, Hostile standing
    -Items/objects: Backpack, Scroll, Pouch, Dagger, Lock pick/disarm kit, Amulet

    This purchase is for a digital download of several images, approximate size is 6 Mb in a zipped file.

    Click here to read the full terms of use, subject to change without notice.

    $ 1,99