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Game Master’s Campaign – Roguelike Fantasy art kit 4

The Roguelike Fantasy art kit 4 contain tilesets to construct a outside forest or open field area, with trees, stones, brushes, plants, various ground grass tiles and a selection of overlay effect tiles. These images are of a lower resolution than the previously created artwork for the larger GMC Fantasy art kits. This due to the nature of the games, using tiny images often as small as 16×16 pixels. The Roguelike art kits will be based on a 96×96 or higher resolution, and will be ok for use with Roguelike game projects.

Intended use for the artwork found within these art kits are for private and commercial use. A non-exclusive commercial license must be obtained if you intend to create maps, games, rpg quests, campaigns or other material, using the artwork and/or post any creations made using the artwork online. Please read the terms of use agreement to learn of the restrictions of use.

Roguelike Fantasy art kit 4 content:

-9 brush tiles
-135 ground/grass tiles
-4 misc tiles
-8 mushroom tiles
-39 overlay tiles
-14 plant tiles
-10 stone tiles
-66 tree tiles

Preview below has been created using artwork found in this art kit, drag’n’dropped into a Photoshop file. Character
image is not included in this art kit, simply shown for scale purposes. The character tile is part of the Roguelike fantasy art kit 1.

Shown below are a selection of tiles that are found in this art kit, seen here as size reduced versions. The images in the art
kit are larger. Character tiles are not included in this art kit, but can be found in the Roguelike fantasy art kit 1.