This FAQ will be updated over time, for example at the point when my art kits become available for sale on external websites.


Q:”What sort of images and file types are found in the art kits and addons?”
“All images found in the art kits and addons are png, with transparency.”

Q:“I’ve read that the Minimap art kit comes bundled with the base Fantasy art kit, is that so?”
A:“Yes, you will receive the Minimap art kit for free with a purchase of the base Fantasy art kit. You may also purchase the Minimap art kit by itself, if you have no need for the base Fantasy art kit.”

Q:“Can I post anything made with the artwork found in this art kits online?”
A:“If You have a acquired a Developer license, then you may post maps, artwork, games made with the art kit contents online if you want to.

Q:“Can I use the artwork for anything shareware, freeware of paid for product such as a campaign module I plan to sell, game I plan to sell or in a book or magazine?”
A:“If you have acquired a Developer license, then yes.”

Q: “Where can I purchase the art kits?”
A:  “The art kits will be made available for sale on a selected list of online Virtual Tabletop websites first off, such as the VTTs already part of the project. Those are listed on the main page of this website. You can also purchase the art kits directly from Raymond Gaustadnes, the creator of the art kits, through this website.”

Q:“I’m working on a game project, that may become a commercial project later on. Can I use the artwork found in these art kits, without a Developer license, until I start making enough money to purchase that from you?”
A:“The short answer is no. Products made using the art kits can’t be distributed online unless you have acquired a Developer license. You may of course use the art kits and create your project, and choose to acquire a Developer license and then publish your project when it’s finished.”

Q:“Can I create a clip art library and make it available to others, using the tiles and tokens?”
A:“The answer to that is no, I won’t allow for the art kits to be distributed in part or whole, not even with a Developer license. ”

Q:“Can I use the images in your art kits to create digital tokens or pogs?”
A:“The images found in the art kits have to be incorporated into a type of project in order to be legally used, together with a Developer license. You may for example not use the tokens to create new sets of tokens, or use the tiles to create a new set of tiles.”

Q:“With a Developer license, can I create physical pogs, tokens, poker chips based on the tokens found in the art kits?”
A:“The answer to that is yes.”

Q:“Using your art kits, can I create extensions and modules that include the artwork and make them available to other people, as freeware, shareware or paid for products?
A:“If the art kits are used to make a game, a campaign module with maps, locations etc, then you can do that after having acquired a Developer license.”

Q:“Can I incorporate the art kits into my mapping software using the Developer license?”
A:“The Developer license does not cover that. Anyone looking to do this should please contact the creator of the GMC fantasy art kits directly.”

Q:“Can I resell the art kits through my webshop?”
A:“This is possible after an agreement has been made between yourself and the creator of the GMC art kits, please contact the creator of the GMC fantasy art kits directly.”

Q:“As a non-Developer license user, what are my limitations using the art kits?”
A:“As a owner of any or all of the art kits without a Developer license, the art kits and products are for your private use only. You may use the tiles, tokens and maps made with them during offline and online roleplaying games sessions, via for example a Virtual tabletop software. Commercial use, distributing the art kits in parts or whole, or products made using the art kits is not allowed.”