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  • Warrior elves character booster kit 1

    Warrior elves, clad in armor, wrapped in mystery, fierce and deadly on any battlefield. Thousands of years battling evil hordes has honed their skills beyond that of any mortal man. This character booster focuses on warrior elves, be it foot soldiers or experienced commanders on elven warrior steeds.

    This kit is compatible with mainly GMC Fantasy art kits, but can also be used with GMC Sci-fi art kits, regarding scale.

    This character booster kit contains 3 scale sets: Fullsize, Halfsize and Quartersize. Each set contains 23 character tokens, 1 animal/horse token, 1 item/helmet token. This booster can be used with any of the previously made art kits, or by itself.

    This purchase is for a digital download of several images, approximate size is 12 Mb in a zipped file.

    You will find preview images of the content of this art kit here:

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    $ 3,99