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  • GMC – Character Portraits art kit 1

    Game Master’s Campaign – Character Portraits art kit 1

    The Character Portraits art kit 1 contain character portraits meant for use with player characters, non player characters, encounters etc. The theme is non specific, and contains artwork with a scifi theme, fantasy theme and in between.

    Intended use for the artwork found within these art kits are for private and commercial use. A non-exclusive commercial license must be obtained if you intend to create maps, games, rpg quests, campaigns or other material, using the artwork and/or post any creations made using the artwork online. Please read the terms of use agreement to learn of the restrictions of use.

    In total there are 114 character portraits in the size of 256 x 256 pixels.

    This purchase is for a digital download of several images, approximate size is 12.5 Mb in a zipped file.

    You will find preview images of the content of this art kit here:

    Click here to read the full terms of use, subject to change without notice.

    $ 9,99