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Kickstarter funding successful!

On 26th October 2012, the kickstarter fundraiser for the creation of the Game Master’s Campaign – Fantasy art kit came to it’s end, reaching 477% funding! This exceeded my expectations for this project by far, and it seems people are really looking forward to these new art kits, mainly for use with fantasy rpg campaigns. is still waiting to collect pledges from a handful of pledgers, as the first attempts resulted in errors, judging from the backer reports. I’m still hoping those issues will be fixed, and that it’s not a result of backers not intending to support the project after all.

When the kickstarter project ended, the result was that it would include the base Fantasy art kit, the Minimap art kit that will come with the base Fantasy art kit, the Tavern/Inn addon art kit, the Castles & Siege engines addon art kit, the Holy grounds addon art kit, the Nautical addon art kit, the Wizards & Mages guild addon art kit & the Monster & Item master addon art kit.

Further on, I revealed a list of additional art kits, which I named “Future addon art kits”, this list will be added to this website shortly.