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The “Roguelike art kit 2 – Buildings” is out.

After finishing up a few 1:1 scale replica projects that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I started working on 2D artwork again. Everytime I start something, I tend to go all in, and in a few cases I get burnt out. Creating stuff is in my blood, as a curse and as a gift. I’m slowly and finally learning to slow down, to avoid burnouts and longer periods away from what I love to do, painting, 2D/3D art and replica item creations.
I’m continuing the work for the Roguelike art kit series, the Buildings kit being the most recent, released today and is available for $3.99.
You will find more info about it here:
More buildings will come, along with terrain tilsets, GUI artwork and more.


  1. Looks good. Looking forward to the terrain pack coming out !

    1. Thanks! I released a Dungeon tile art kit today, already working on the terrain and vegetation art kit. I plan on releasing that one sometime around or before mid August this year.

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