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Moving on

Today I sent out surveys via kickstarter and posted the last project update via kickstarter.  From now on, I will be keeping you updated via this website and occasionally through various other social media such as Facebook and Google+.

The book covers I sent off was accepted and I’m really looking forward to seeing them on the actual rpg books later on 🙂

I figured that since I’m almost finished with the Minimap addon art kit, I will be spending a  few days this week to make that one complete. When I feel I have enough content to release it, you will be notified and you’ll be provided with a download link to it (once I have the data collected from the kickstarter survey).


  1. I’m excited to see the mini-map art.

    Congratulations on the book covers.

    1. I will post previews of the Minimap art kit sometime this week, I’m currently working on the parchments, scrolls and sealed letters that will come with it, before adding more map symbols/buildings/etc.

  2. Thank you again for the wonderful art.
    Quick Question.
    You mentioned in your Kickstarter update that people could send you their custom token sets. My question for you would be how would you like them? What would your perfect description of a token look like?

    1. The less detailed description, the better for me as it gives me more freedom to add my own touches to it. That said, you can add as much info to the description as you want, I won’t mind 🙂

      What you want to add to a tokens description is:

      2.Age (young – mature – old)
      3.Profession (should he look like a thief, fighter, merchant, messenger, wizard and so on)
      4.Clothing/armor worn, colors of the stuff he wears
      5.Weaponry/shields/items in hands
      6.Visible items/shields/weaponry worn on body (in belt, on back etc)
      7.Condition (should his clothes, armor, weapons and other items look like new, used, damaged or broken?)
      8. Posé (injured, defending, attacking, investigating, working, passed out, dead etc)
      9. Anything else you can think of

    2. Or if it’s a creature/monster:

      1. Monster/creature type (dragon, demon, imp, goblin, orc, snake, glowing red ghost etc)
      2. Size (no larger than it would fit within a 512×512 pixel square) usually giving something to compare against would help, say you compare it’s size to a human being for example.
      3.Appearance (what does the thing look like, does it have fur, tattoos, scars, several arms, several heads, wings etc)
      4. Clothing/armor/weaponry/shield/items equipped and worn on body
      5. Condition (healthy, injured, dead, passed out etc)
      6. Posé (what is it doing? Defending, figthing, hiding, performing an action?)
      7.Anything else you can think of

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