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Dragon tokens update – base Fantasy art kit

9 wingless land dragons have been created for the base Fantasy art kit, next up is winged versions of the dragon tokens. I’m adding a bunch of drakes to the base Fantasy art kit too, not listed in the kickstarter content list. Drakes will be more serpentine looking, kinda like the Smaug painting I did a while ago. More content should make people happy I assume 🙂


  1. That painting is amazing =) Do you do those in your free time for fun or do you get asked to illustrate RPG books and such?

    1. Both of those options I’d say. A few years ago, I had much more time to create personal pieces, then it gradually worked it’s way over to spending pretty much all of my spare time creating graphics and illustrations for games and rpg books. I’n 2012, I started working for Iron Crown Enterprises as a freelance artist, creating interior artowkr and rpg book covers for them. It was these art jobs that lead to me creating the new graphics for the Rolemaster ruleset for Fantasy Grounds 2, which again lead to me starting the Fantasy art kit project.

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