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Project update

Within 36 hours, both the Minimap final version download link, and the base Fantasy art kit – Monster & Creatures download link should have been sent out. I’m spending today and tonight, preparing the various tokens for the Monster & Creature download.

When that’s done, the various fantasy character tokens will be next to be created and sent out, along with items & object tokens.


  1. 32 animal tokens have been prepared, ready to be shipped out to the backers once the monsters & creatures tokens are ready.

  2. Almost done prepping the monsters & creatures tokens, nearing midnight here in Norway. I’m looking forward to releasing the first part of the base Fantasy art kit to the backers tomorrow

  3. base Fantasy art kit monster/creature/animal tokens packed and ready to be sent out to the backers…after dinner.

  4. I have not been recieving any of hte download link, I guessing it is by email?

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