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Special event – d20PRO joins in on the project

A 4th VTT developer has joined the first 3, d20PRO. You will now find the Minimap art kit and the base Fantasy art kit in parts or whole being integrated into d20PRO in future updates of their VTT software. For me this means even more acknowledgement that the artwork I produce is being valued and seen as a resource for hours of rpg fun for gamers and game masters around the world, and it also allows me to spend even more time creating the artwork for the various art kits. My initial time off from work has now been extended from the original 2 months, to full 5 months. I could not have been more pleased, living inside photoshop, knowing the time spent creating and inventing fantasy artwork is funded by a crowd of superb people, that are you the backers, gamers, game masters, art lovers and developers who believe in what I do. Thank you.

I’m nearing the finish of all tokens (creatures, monsters, animals, characters & items) for the base Fantasy art kit, and I know I said before that the line for becoming a funder of the project would end when the base Fantasy art kit is out. Since the tokens will be shipped out shortly, I think it’s a nice way to set a finish to that part of the project, by stating that 28th February 2013 marks the very last opportunity to get in on the project. Acquiring the various art kits will then have to be done via the various online rpg stores in the future, being listed on this website now and updated as new stores are added.

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