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base Fantasy art kit / part 2 download link has been sent out!


Part 2 of the base Fantasy art kit has been sent out! It contains all the fantasy characters and items that will be found in the base Fantasy art kit final version. Keep an eye out for e-mails labeled as “TransferBigFiles” as the sender.

A few backers will not receive this download, those are the ones that have the partial base Fantasy art kit – map version from the pledge rewards.

The last and final part 3 will be created and sent out around the end of March, that is the plan..


  1. Quick request
    For those of us that have some photoshopping abilities, and when you have free time, would you be able to send out shields and banners without any logos on them so we can put our own?
    I can probably remove the logos with a bit of work, but I’m sure it’s just a layer and an upload for you.

  2. I’ll add the shields and banners in a separate download, without the graphics layer ontop of them. 🙂

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