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The final part 3 is coming

Part 3 – the final part of the base Fantasy art kit, the largest of them all, will be released today! I’m working on a last bunch of extra content for it, DnD players should be pleased as it now contains 2 new creatures: the Dnd versions of the Gnoll and Kobold.

The artwork I’m creating is based on the Rolemaster rpg system creature list, very much compatible with any other system, but you will find a few differences such as was the case with the Kobold and Gnoll. I’ve been a GameMaster and player, using the Rolemaster/Merp system since the late 80’s, which is why I draw upon my knowledge from those two, when creating the artwork I do. That said, as long as it’s legal to do, I will create artwork based on other rpg systems in the future, but I will most likely have to rename them, as is the case with some of the creatures from Rolemaster also.

Part 3 will be divided into several downloads, it’s huge. One download will contain everything in the 128×128 pixel scale, the second download will contain the middle size 256×256 and the largest will contain the high-res 512×512 download. The high-res alone is almost 1Gb worth of artwork and I wouldn’t want anyone what aren’t going to print anything, having to download those files.

Keep an eye out for the download links/e-mails later today 🙂

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