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Castles & siege engines addon creation process started

I’ve started working on the next addon art kit, the Castles & siege engines addon art kit. The process of getting the art kit out to the various rpg webstores has also been set in motion, updates will come soon.

I spent most of yesterday, trying to device a way to create a set of thick castle walls, the diagonal tiles was not an easy process. I ended up with a pretty nice result, and a new approach that will make them look great in the end.

Sometimes, you are given bonuses when working with tiles and tilesets, such as I received just now when working on the moat tileset for the Castle addon. The way I created the tiles will apply to tilesets for lakes, rivers, shorelines and more in the future, making the process to create those much less painful than I imagined it would be.

I’m hoping to have this addon art kit out to the backers within the end of May.

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