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Acquiring the art kits – working on getting them out there to you

Hello good people,

The Fantasy art kit creation process continues, although a bit slower due to real life kicking in last autumn, meaning I am not working 24-7 on the art kits anylonger. This only means that it will take a bit longer between each release. The art kits found in the kickstarter are the largest of the kits, therefor requiring some time to be spent on each of them, the rest of the addons will take much less time to paint, seen listed on as “Future addon art kits”.

I’m in the process of making the already finished art kits available online through various Virtual tabletop marketplaces, such as and , in addition to setting up an option to purchase and download the various art kits from my website.

Before the option to purchase and download via my website is available, you may get the art kits now:

If you’re looking to purchase the art kits for personal use, within your rpg group, then it’s the prices listed on the website . If you’re looking to use the artwork with a game project or other type or commercial project/use, then a non-exclusive commercial license is needed.

Currently finished art kits:

base Fantasy art kit(including the Minimap art kit for free) $29.99
Tavern addon art kit $11.99
Castles & siege engines addon art kit $14.99
Holy places addon art kit $11.99

About the non-exclusive license:

This license is included with a special version of the base Fantasy art kit (containing a seal of proof, split in half, unique for each license holder).
I’ve set this special art kit cost to $250, no royalties are to be paid to me after that from the income of your projects using my artwork.
Once acquired, you may purchase any or all addon art kits, to their regular price, and use those too with your projects, under the non-exclusive license.

I will update the website later this week, been kept busy working on other non-art projects since December, after the update, more previews and fresh text will be up there.

If you would like to get the art kits now, you can make a paypal payment with the total amount for what you are looking to get. Use this e-mail :
and be sure to state which kits you are buying and provide an e-mail address for me to send out the download links to. It’s a massive load of art, the base Fantasy art kit is over 1Gb by itself..

If you have any questions regarding the use of the artwork, please message me and I will provide you with the terms of use agreement for the art kits, and answer any of your questiuons as best as I can.

Raymond Gaustadnes

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