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Download links for backers sent out, for the GMC Wizards and mages guild addon.

Good evening (11:30pm my time when this is posted), The download link for the GMC Wizards and mages guild addon art kit has just been sent out, if you should have but you’ve not received it, let me know and I will correct the error and send out a new one for you.

As mentioned before, some elements have been removed from the initial list, new elements have been added, hopefully for the better, pre-made rooms and tokens. The next and last stretch goal will be an addon art kit that contains new character, creatures and items tokens as well as variations of old tokens. The creation of this art kit will begin January 2014. It’s been a long ride and I intend to keep going, way beyond the Kickstarter stretch goals, I’m really looking forward to the long list of smaller addon art kits that are to be created after the stretch goals are finished.

Best wishes for this Christmas and the new year, Raymond E. Gaustadnes(I will still be able to read and respond to messages though 🙂 )

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  1. Nice Christmas present as usual a very good job. Have a great christmas.

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