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Monsters & items booster kit 1

As I’m working with the remaining stretch goal for my 2012 kickstarter project, I’ve come to realize that it needs some adjustment. Instead of keeping the name that was given to it in the kickstarter campaign back in 2012: “The Monsters, Creatures & Items master kit”, a name and a content list more aligned with the rest of the created art kits takes it’s place.

It will now be known as the “Monsters & items booster kit 1”,
it will still contain a whole bunch of new monsters and creatures and a selection of variations from the existing monsters & creatures found in the previous art kits, and it will contain a bunch of new items and objects + variations of these.

I set February as an estimate to myself for finishing this kit but real-life events and my second project has taken some much needed chunks out of my time, but the project still moves along. Besides working on the art kits, I’ve started on a graphic novel, based on a fantasy/scifi setting I started creating before 2012 and I’m planning to finish book 1 within 2015. I’ve also planned to release several of the other art kits on my to-do-list in 2015, I’m really looking forward to the smaller themed kits I have in mind, that for example contain 10-20 elven soldiers, officers, proper items and weaponry for those etc.
I’m also itching to start creating scifi themed art kits later on, in a different branch apart from the GMC Fantasy art kit line.

And as a note regarding any errors you encounter in the art kits, do let me know about them. I’ve received a few notes already and I’ll be taking care of most of these this week. I’ll see about creating a page on the website where these errors are listed as they are discovered, so that the same errors don’t get reported numerous times.

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