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2013 and it’s the first day working fulltime with the fantasy art kit!

December was hectic, finishing various smaller art jobs, handing in the company car, various tools, work clothes etc and not least preparing for Christmas celebration here in Norway. I know parts of the world don’t celebrate christmas, but up here in scandinavia, it’s pretty huge.

It’s safe to say that the days flew by. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the progress on the art kits would pick up again in January 2013, which is now, and today is the first day I’m able to work fulltime with the fantasy art kit. I’ve got several months of long days and long nights ahead of me, to complete this project. I’m not known for quitting stuff, and I’m also not known for posting random updates that contain info of little or no interest to my readers, which is why you haven’t heard me ramble on about Christmas and whatnot during the last month.

I’ve waited for this day to come, and it’s finally time to open up photoshop and start painting tiles and tokens again, with full focus on this project. I will keep you guys updated on the progress from now on and until the art kits are completed and ready to be handed out to you. And as before, should you have any concerns or questions, you have my e-mail and you can also use the contact form found on this website.

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