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Minimap art kit update

A “beta” version of the Minimap art kit will be released to the backers who are entitled to receive the Minimap art kit, this week. It contains everything I initially planned to include in it, and more. I’ve chosen to label it “beta” as I encourage feedback of interior/exterior tiles that you think it lacks, and I will consider creating and including those in the final version.

Do keep in mind that the Minimap art kit does not aim to create as detailed interior maps as the Fantasy art kit will do, what I had in mind for the Minimap art kit was to enable anyone to create “treasure/location” maps that would be given to the players during the campaign, showing the direction to/the entrance to/the location of the various campaign hotspots. Or create dungeon/castle layout plans, showing the rooms, hallways, doors etc.

That said, you are of course free to design any type of maps you want, using the artwork contained in the Minimap art kit, it just won’t contain artwork of dungeon/house/castle inventory such as chairs, beds, lamps etc.

As stated in the kickstarter campaign, the Minimap art kit does require some personal effort, drawing in roads, rivers, water bodies, oceansides, oceans etc. What will be provided are structure tiles, vegetation tiles, statues, graves, boats, castles, houses, gates and interior tiles to rig up dungeon/castle floorplans. And of course the arsenal of parchments to place everything ontop of.

In december(I think it was december), I created more content for the Minimap art kit, including book images, scrolls and letters that can be used with your fantasy campaign.

Later on, I intend to create a more detailed edition of the exterior map tileset that will include colored/shaded tiles and even more detailed parchments. This upgrade will be free for anyone who is entitled to receive the Minimap art kit.

I’ve constructed an almost complete list of all the backers now, still missing a tiny handful that hasn’t replied to the survey yet. Based on that list, download links will be sent out. The download links to the “beta” version will be usable for a few weeks. After that, the betas will be removed, but you will still be able to get it, just send me an e-mail and I’ll provide you with a new link to download from.



  1. Happy 2013 🙂 — I’m very much looking forward to this kit. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Mellock, and the same to you! Doing my best here to keep everybody happy with what they’ll receive, my small problem is knowing when to stop adding contents to the kits 🙂

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