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Minimap art kit update

It’s Sunday, and I’m working on the Minimap art kit. What I’m doing today is dividing up the tilesheets into separate tiles for the interior map tiles and preparing the download page with text and graphics.

Backers that have the Minimap art kit as part of your reward will receive an e-mail when it’s ready to be downloaded later today, with a link to the download page. The file is most likely to be a .zip or .rar file as all the content is currently over 500 Mb uncompressed.



  1. Just downloading them now – WOW they’re big … and these are only the mini map kits 😀

    Thanks so much man – I can’t wait to unzip them

    1. Yeah, the bulk of this kit is all the extra content such as books, parchments etc. Happy to see that you and many more are liking what is sent out 🙂

  2. Got it, unzipped it, WOW!, Loved it. What else is there to say

    1. Thanks Ardem! I hope the rest of the updates and other art kits will bring out the same response in people 🙂

  3. I noticed last night that PNG files don’t compress well, infact they hardly compress at all when you .zip them into a single file, which is why the download was of the size it was. I imagine you’d want files with less size for use with VTTs, in that case you will find many free PNG file compressors online, that reduce the file size with little or no quality loss. Reducing the sizes the parchments will help a lot I guess, when using a VTT with people that have slow internet connections.

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