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It’s out there!

The download link to the beta version of the Minimap art kit was sent out minutes ago, already there’s a surge of people downloading it. This first version is huge, mainly because of all the extra stuff that’s been included in it. The tilesets alone are less than 200Mb, the whole download being over 650Mb. I wanted to include more in it, with hopes to keep you happy while waiting for the next art kit in the project, and to show that artwork is actually being created for the money raised in the kickstarter campaign.

I’ve copy pasted your e-mails from the kickstarter survey, for use with the download links. Should you for any reason not have received a download link, if you are entitled to this art kit, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll sort it out. Do check your spam to be sure it’s not been put there.

I’m a man of my word and I go head in 100% when I enter a project, to deliver quality and on time or before. Next up is the base Fantasy art kit, being started over this weekend. As with this Minimap art kit, I will keep you updated on the progress, both here and hopefully via facebook and google+. I’m starting to look into the process of registering and rigging a facebook page just for this project, sometime tomorrow.

Another 12 hours went by, it’s over midnight here and I’m off to bed in a few minutes.

Take care, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the artwork received today.


  1. This is very nice.

    I’ve just created an overland map with the symbol set using Fractal Mapper. Thanks for releasing this early.

    1. Thanks! The general feedback so far has been good, already starting to receive some suggestions to additional content.

      1. Yarrr, it be true; I need a caravan image to carry my congratulations from Mellockville to Raymondton!

  2. Two suggestion I have after a super quick look through.
    1. What is the font type you use for the Map_Text?
    2. Can we get a Trap Door Trap in the Map_Symbols sets?

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The font used is named Segoe script. I’ll be sure to add a trap door trap to the todo list for the Minimap art kit.

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