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base Fantasy art kit – tiles & terrain progress update

Tile art progress is going great, over halfway through the list of tile shapes to be included with the base Fantasy art kit, which will also serve as a base for any new tilesets such as wood, cave, rock, glass, metal or other. There will be larger circle shaped tiles, for even larger circle shaped rooms, and I’m working on creating diagonal hallway tiles as well.

To avoid too much work, I decided to create the light/shadow coming directly top-down. This minimizes both the time needed and the result is still looking great..
What you see in this screenshot are the various tiles created so far, to the left you see some tiles with a separate floor placed under them and to the bottom there are drainage tiles, intended to be placed ontop of the floor so they are located near walls etc, or you could infact place them anywhere you’d want.

Doors, grates, holes, stairs up, stairs down, traps, statues and everything else will be made so that you can place them where you’d want them to be.

This is a downsized screenshot, true size is 512×512 pixel pr tile, in reality each square in the grid is 256 pixels:

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