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Download link sent out for the Castles & siege engines addon.

Part 1 of 2 for the Castles & siege engines addon art kit was just sent out to the backers. If you have not received a download link, do let me know and I’ll resend. Part 2, to be sent out later in June, will contain pre-made rooms, and separate images of the objects/items used to create those rooms.


  1. Ray, this came at the exactly right time. Now I can make the exact keep I wanted! It looks great, and I’m getting the hang of using the grid in photoshop as well.

    I’m looking forward to the rest. Do let us know how that business with the VAT works out, because I’m eager to buy more pieces once the basic kickstarter art is finished!

  2. That is excellent! I’ve spent a handful of days resting here, about to pick up the art kit project again 🙂

    I haven’t heard a word from the Norwegian government yet regarding the VAT. I do have another legal option, selling the artwork through an American company, and they in turn pay me royalties of the sales, I’ll avoid the issue of VAT that way but I’d really prefer going about it as intended in the first place.

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