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Chaotic start going back to my regular daytime job – explanation and more below

3rd June was my first day back in my regular daytime job, and I was plunged straight into chaos, mildly put. As project leader, I was tasked to take care of the cooling/freezer electrical system of a new medium sized shop nearby, with a few other electricians placed under me. Things were handed over to me poorly planned, behind schedule, lacking proper professionals to do the job and more. I’ve spent the last weeks stressing to take care of this project and it’s been very draining on my energy. That, and I think I burnt out a bit from the months of running 10-16 hour photoshop marathons creating the artwork for the kickstarter project.

Today, I sat down pushing the big wheels back into motions, creating the first couple of pre-made rooms that was promised for the Castles & siege engines art kit. Back when I made the content list, I planned for them to include walls and doors. I realize this will make it harder to have them included into your designs, so I’m going with pre-made rooms that has floors and inventory contents only, enabling you to place them anywhere you want into your maps, and in the process enable you to create the walls and doorways just as you like. I’ll also make several versions, each with different floor types, using existing floortypes already released to you earlier. I hope to have all listed pre-ade rooms finished by the end of June.

Thinking ahead: I’m starting to create the next addon art kit listed in the stretch goals in the beginning of July. Really looking forward to that one!

Vacation 2013: I’m taking a few much needed weeks off, going out of the country in mid July, during this time you should expect some delays in replies to any questions. I’m hoping to experience as much as possible of a country I’ve never been to before, and in the process recharge my batteries to the max 🙂

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