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Castles & siege engines addon – update on the pre-made rooms

I’m not the kind of person to promise something and not being able to keep it. This is however such a case. I said I would deliver a set of pre-made rooms for the Castles & siege engines addon art kit by the end of June, and it turned out to be too time consuming to get them done by that time, done to the high standard I set for them.
Being sick for a couple of days this week did not help me achieve my goal either.

What I will do, is release all the new items and objects I’ve made for them, which is a lot. And I will add the pre-made rooms to my todo-list, to be finished later on. This download will be sent out in a few days time from now(new items and objects).

Starting to work fulltime + working on the art kit project is taxing on the energy, but I’m marching on. I’m really looking forward to picking up the next addon art kit (started working on the character tokens for it earlier in june).

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