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Art kit project – update

Time is being spent painting creature & monster tokens for the base Fantasy art kit these days. Winged creatures of all sorts is on the menu right now, taking the most time to create, I figured I’d want to do these first of all.

I’ve received some feedback from the Minimap art kit release, nothing but positive reactions so far. I’ve also received suggestions from some of you, most of those additional items suggested as extra content for the Minimap art kit are likely to make it into the final version. I just want to point out that there’s still time to make more suggestions as to what you think would be great additions to the Minimap art kit.


  1. Here’s one issue I encountered when I put together a simple map in PS with the minimap kit: Placing tiles side by side I found to be easy, But if I want to create an opening in an existing wall, the transparency of the floor made this difficult. So my suggestion is this:

    Opaque floors (and corridors/intersections with opaque floors)

    This will make it easy to “overwrite” a section of wall to create a new opening

    (I did mention down-stairs, didn’t I?)

  2. A new set of stair symbols is added to the todo list 🙂
    I think I know what you mean, and I’ll add that also to the todo list.

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