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Base Fantasy art kit progress

On todays menu in photoshop, we find hounds, wardogs, warcats, a killer rabbit and various golems and constructs. One fun thing, among many by creating these art kits, is that I get to paint monsters and creatures I’ve never done before. Something I do with a little fear and excitement as it’s like taking your first step into the unknown.

Yesterday I created a chimera, a wyvern and a manticore, among many other tokens. I’ve never painted a chimera or a Manticore before, but I think I did more than pull it off at the end. You’ll get to see both, and the rest of them when I publish the base Fantasy art kit “beta” in the near future, that is if you’re a backer of this art project.

Everybody else will have a chance to get their hands on this massive load of artwork in the future, once the art kits are made available through various online rpg stores.


  1. Every update should come with a screenshot.
    Because I don’t want to wait anymore!!

    1. I might add a screenshot to some of the newer tokens, in one of the next update posts, but I can’t make any promises 🙂

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